Zhang Lei, Raymond

Chief Executive Officer

Hong Thai Travel Service Limited

Mr. Zhang Lei, Raymond is the Chief Executive Office of Hong Thai Travel Service Limited and a Council Member of Hong Kong Association of China Travel Organizers Limited. He obtained Bachelor Degree in Commerce Marketing and Master Degree in Global Supply Chain Management. He also holds various professional qualifications including Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA), project data analysis and quality management.

He had more than 10 years’ experience in travel consultation and management in both Hong Kong and Mainland. Before joining Hong Thai, he developed a vast number of tourist products in Polar Regions, cruise, north and south Americas. He has successfully assisted these reputable companies to build brands and expand product coverage. In the past year, Mr. Zhang launched the rare travel of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine which was well published by the local mass media.

Mr. Zhang accumulated extensive experience and horizon in traveling. He has made frequent appearances in CCTV and other related mass media, also a column writer in the Sky Post.